Thursday, June 18, 2009

Historical Marker OK'd where Civil Rights Slaying Took Place

For some reason this is a very hot topic and people really get upset about "civil rights" issues. I personally think that people need to move forward with their lives and stop looking back. That is no offense to anybody that was murdered, treated differently or anything of that nature over 40 years ago. I just think that amount of time is too long to hold a grudge.

New Dress Code for Florida City Workers

I don't know about you but if somebody comes around me smelling raunchy then I might just have to say something. You would think people would use common sense but obviously some people don't have it! Another thing is if you bend over your butt nor your underwear should be showing.

Teen Sentenced For Dragging Boy By Noose

Again, I see a problem with his punishment! Maybe they just need people like me to run the world.

North Korea Nuke Aimed at Hawaii

Is it just me or does this scare the crap out of you? Somebody with some balls needs to stand up to them and be firm. Tell them that they will have the wrath of the eagle of they pull something stupid like that. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!

Madison School Catches Fire Again

First off this seems to be a really big problem. You would think they would do more to find out or prevent who keeps doing things like this.

Irby Trial Delayed, Jackson MS

This is going to be a hot button due to "who" these people are. Everyone has their opinion on this so speak up!

Palmer Case, Natchez MS

Read story here. There are a lot of mixed feelings about this and you know that not everyone will have the same opinion. You can speak freely about this and leave your comments without fear of them being altered or deleted. I just get tired of people's "freedom of speech" being taken away when you post your thoughts on a story.

Just Saying

What are your thoughts?